We very carefully store your product in one of our secure, breathable Smartboxes

We collect your product from you, or you use your own freight company to deliver to our premises. We very carefully unpack and organise your stock in our clean, secure, pest-free facility, then it is placed into one of our wooden and breathable Smartboxes.

All stock is checked against a packing slip and coded into the stock system before being locked up. Alternatively, you can manage your own stock within your Smartbox for a lesser price, but we recommend the ease of the full Third Party Logistics experience.

A huge benefit of a Smartbox is there is no need for shrink wrapping which can cause product sweating and damage to boxes. This, as well as the little time spent handling your products, means we maintain a higher product integrity than other 3PL or warehousing providers.

When a customer purchases an item, simply email your Smartbox rep – They’ll take it from there!

You will have two people dedicated to handling your account, so as soon as a customer purchases a product you will have a dedicated Smartbox representative available to be contacted via email. After the email is sent through you can sit back and be confident that everything will be taken care of through our managed warehouse services. Our thorough stock take of your products means your rep will easily find the required product in your Smartbox.

We will pick & pack the order that very same day and send to your customer

If the order is received by email before 12pm it will be picked and packed that same day, Smartbox will ensure the carefully packed item is sent by our carrier either on the same day or the following day. Your customer is also very welcome to collect the item themselves from our office if they so wish.

If you choose, you can manage the picking and packing of your products yourself, using us as an offsite warehouse only, and not as a full service. But if you do choose to utilise our full capabilities there will be no need to worry about your inwards or outwards goods or to pay for warehouse staff, because logistics and warehouse management is what we do best!

After delivery your inventory levels get updated and reported to you as required

Any stock that leaves your Smartbox will be accounted for in your stock system here at Smartbox. It will be matched against the orders picked to ensure your stock always reconciles.

If you choose to use your Smartbox purely as an offsite warehouse, you will have to do your own stocktake. We are happy to tailor our services to meet your needs, so if storage space for a couple of pallets is what you want, or if you’re after a full third party logistics partnership, we’re here to help you.

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